Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A thank you!

I have a busy end of week coming up with a couple clients due anytime now! I love being a doula, I don't like the on call stuff! If you don't have a clue what a doula is, check out my site at

I made this card for my parents, they rock! For our anniversary they bought us a 50inch plasma tv! We LOVE it! I didn't know how much I was missing out on vivid colours! Anyway, I made this card for them. The problem is I don't know if I like it! It has a lot of stuff- maybe too much stuff?? I might make a new card if I decide I don't like this one...

Everything is Stampin' Up!


  1. Well, I like it. I can't do jack with this set. Maybe I'll try again now.

  2. What's not to like about it?!? I think it is great!!!

  3. I think it's cute Jenn - and I'm sure your parents will just love it that it came from you. I'm partial though - b/c I ♥ orange... :)

  4. Way cute! The papers, colors and embellishments all work together, so not too busy at all. Your parents will love it.