Sunday, March 1, 2009

My twins



My oldest kids are twin boys! I love having twins, they have always been so much fun! Never a dull moment with these two!
They are very different...Bailey was born first (he is on the left) he has always been a unique kid, he is so kind and thinks first about how others would feel. Never is someone left out when Bailey is around. He is gifted at playing the piano, I love to listen to him play. He can be hard on himself sometimes, he thinks he should be great at everything he does (I have no idea where he gets that from...!!) He doesn't care what the other kids are wearing- he likes what he likes! I love that my Bailey is a different kind of guy, even though he is almost 11 he still lets me hug him and lights up when I tell him how great he is.
Jordan... he is "cool", he always has his studded belt on with his huge Superman buckle! People know it's Jordan by his Superman hats/clothes! He plays the electric guitar and practices hard for "his band"! I love his outgoing personality, he can make friends with anyone in a minutes time! He resists the hug a bit, but loves when I shoulder check him! It's a much cooler way to let him know I love him!!
I am so blessed, really. I love how different they are yet can finish each others sentences. They are best friends. I have a hard time even thinking of times when they have fought. They spend almost every waking minute together these two and have big plans for their future jobs together! (Jordan is going to design buildings and Bailey is going to build them!)


  1. You have such a beautiful family. I just loved hanging out with you all in CA. Your boys are so special. They're great kids who'll soon be great men. (((HUGS)))

  2. Awwww! That is just soooo cool that they are making plans to work together when they grow up! What great blessings God has given you & Marc!!

  3. I am loving meeting your kids. Bailey and Jordan sound like great young men. I just bet they are a ton of fun to spend time with. Thanks for introducing them to us.

    Let's see, we've met Kennedy, Jordan and Baily. Next up, Mac.

  4. It's so great seeing pics of your kids and getting to "know them" better! Bailey and Jordan are such great kids- and isn't it wonderful how different they are and yet so close? I love their ideas of future occupations!

  5. Wonderful to know your fellows better. Bailey's kindness ... we know where that comes from. And Jordan's spunk and outgoingness ... we know where that comes from too.
    You're blessed.