Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Penny Simkin is a doula. Not just any doula, but an amazing woman who has changed birth in this past generation. You can check her out, one look at her resume and you will see why I love her! I have read all her books and studied her work for years. Last summer I had the pleasure of not only meeting her, but being taught by her! I could bairly focus the first few days because I was in awe to be in the same room as her! LOL! For this course that I took I needed to submit to her a curruculum and she actually called my house! You should have seen me dancing around the house! I made this card for her, if you know your Bella stamps you would know that the Bella body doesn't match the Bella head! I used a head off of one stamp and the body of another to make my Super Penny! Penny Simkin has hair like my Bella that's why she needed the headchange!

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